Making Ayurveda Easier to Use


From medical point of view, herb is any plant, any part of the plant which can be used for medicinal purpose. Ayurveda believes that there is no plant on the planet which doesn’t contain some medicinal value. Hence, every flower, fruit, stem, root, leaf, seed and fern incorporates some medicinal value which is beneficial to our health.
Herb is one of the pillars on which the ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda stands. It is also an integral part of our life. From beauty cosmetics to health care products, hair care herbs to nutrition supplements, there are numerous uses and benefits of these herbs.
Herbs are used in dried and fresh forms. They have been important ingredients to Indian cuisine, for adding more taste and health to the food in the form of spices. Consuming food rich in healthy ingredients boosts immunity thereby reducing chances of illness.

Significance of Herbs
Ayurvedic treatment is based largely on herbs. Almost all Ayurvedic medicines are prepared by combining different herbs in various ratios. It is believed that they are an effective and natural remedy to many diseases. Including herbs in our regular diet can meet various deficiencies and strengthen our immunity.
Gyan Herbal Home offers a wide range of Indian herbs that have been cleaned, processed and packed in different packing sizes. You can easily have these wonderful medicinal herbs as a part of your routine. These herbs for stomach care, beauty care, skin care, hair care etc. promise well-being.

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