Making Ayurveda Easier to Use


The best way to stay healthy is to induce your diet with herbal nutraceuticals. We offer some flavorsome, wholesome and nutritious combinations that promise health and taste.

Tea is a very essential part of our routine and a flavorsome tea with some nutrition is always a luxury. So, we bring to all the tea-lovers an aromatic and flavorsome CHAI MASALA. Itís a combination of traditional Indian spices and herbs which not just adds taste to your daily tea but also imparts medicinal properties to it. This powdered combination contains flavors of cardamom, ginger, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon etc. in an optimum proportionate quantity to suit to your taste. Just add some masala to your cup of tea and enjoy health in every sip.

For all those who desire for a nutritious and healthy herbal tea which is easy to prepare and great to taste, ARJUNCHAAL CHAI is a perfect combination. It is an amalgamation of medicinal value of Arjunchaal with flavors of Indian spices. It is a quick-to-prepare tea which promises great health so that you donít miss on your fitness in this fast life. ARJUNCHAAL CHAI is a perfect option to substitute your tea which is very convenient to prepare. These sugar-based chai granules are handy and easy to use. Give a healthy start to your day with this herbal nutraceutical which is an ideal cup of tea for all age groups as Arjunchaal is a known cardiac tonic, has an effective cholesterol control and improves blood circulation.