Making Ayurveda Easier to Use


We all know how healthy and important herbs are for our health. They can be consumed in different forms and HERBAL LADDUS are known to be one of the healthiest and most nutritious ways of having them, especially during the winter season.

Laddus have always been an integral part of Indian sweets and preparing them with these beneficial herbs not only imparts amazing properties to this traditional Indian sweet but at the same time it makes these herbs very tasty to eat. Hence, you can enjoy a blend of flavors and medicinal properties with these wonderful traditional herbal sweets.

Gyan Herbal Home offers an enthralling range of herbal laddus which have been prepared keeping in mind the medicinal properties of herbs and optimizing them by cooking them in the traditional manner, using desi ghee, Indian spices and dry fruits to make them rich and wholesome. Each laddu is distinct in its taste and comes with amazing health benefits. Here is the list of herbal laddus offered by Gyan Herbal Home to help you restore your health and fitness levels.

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Danamethi Laddus
Musali- Asgandha Laddu
Gwarpatha (Aloe Vera) Laddu
Alsi (Flax Seeds) Laddu
Kaunch Beej Laddu
Gond Laddu

Enjoy healthy sumptuous Indian herbal sweets to tantalize your taste buds and live a healthy life. Now you don’t need to look for some recipe or get into the hassles of cooking. Enjoy these healthy sweets which are as delicious and healthy as the ones prepared by your mother or grandma.