Making Ayurveda Easier to Use



From last 50 years, we have been working in the field of Ayurveda as an Ayurvedic health care products manufacturer and distributor. During this process of manufacturing medicines, we felt that along with the health care products and Ayurvedic medicines, herbs are equally important in maintaining sound health and curing diseases. They come with amazing medicinal value which makes them a strong source of nutrition and an effective medicine.

Mrs. Anuradha Kuchhal and Mr. Alok Kuchhal started Gyan Herbal Home with the aim of providing with a wide range of Indian herbs of high quality in processed form that are ready to use. We are proud to say that we were amongst the first few companies to come up with this idea.

We came up with economical packing sizes viz. 25gms, 50gms, 100gms, 250gms at various outlets to make Ayurvedic herbs easily available to the consumers. We uncomplicated the process of purchasing the right herb, cleaning it and then grinding it into fine powder to bring it to use. We also took the initiative of educating the consumers about herbs and making them more aware about the medicinal properties of Indian traditional herbs which are beneficial in health care, stomach care, hair care, cosmetics and overall fitness.

Later we established our own herbal store under the title Gyan Herbal Concept in Jaipur, Rajasthan which exhibits almost 300 different Indian herbs in various packaging sizes. Now customers have convenience of preparing their own face packs, hair packs, hair oils and various other medicinal and health related combinations without much hassles.

We are a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified company offering ready to use authentic and finely processed herbs that are now just a click away ! To have a look at our product range, Click Here.